US Money Reserve Protects Concerned Investors

September 28, 2016 in Austin, Texas the US Money Reserve released a television show to highlight the services that this investment company offers. It comes on the heal of a rapidly collapsing economy and helps investors that are looking for a safe way to protect their money.

Many people over the years have sought this type of investment strategy. The good thing about precious metals is the way it remain stable and always retains value. The value will fluctuate, but the value is never lost as it is in cash money. Learn more about U.S Money Reserve:

The show has a panel that is led by John Rothans, Philip Diel and Brad Castillo. According to Crunchbase, Larry King acted as the moderator. Titled ‘The 2016 Gold Summit show,’ the CEO of the US Money Reserve said that they were honored that Larry King worked with the show to moderate. This event was made possible by Michael Reagan. It was set to be released for media release one week after the broadcast.

The industry has help concerned investors learn how to better protect money by traditional methods of investments in gold, silver and platinum coins. It is safe and highly effective at protecting the money of any individual that is concerned about the unstable economy in todays’ money today. The process is simple and is held in the US Money Reserve.

The US Money Reserve founded in 2001 as a private holding company for government US gold and other metals of value. Platinum, gold and silver can be invested and protected as investments are safely made.

Private investors love this and have profited from these exact methods of investing their money. It is more secure than traditional investments as gold and other valuable metals have historically always retained value in the face of a fluctuating economy.

These days, this is an excellent option to keep money safe. Even if a complete collapse happens in the economy, the assets are securely retained when invested in the US Money Reserve. As it is government issued investments, in the form of gold, silver and platinum coins, it remains one of the safest places to protect money today.

John Goullet has a Diverse Background in the Technology Field

Many years ago, people looking for jobs were basically on their own. They had to find the jobs, apply for the jobs, and complete all the other things needed to get the job primarily on their own. The effort that it took to find a job 20 years ago is much different than it is today. In the job market today, people have access to assistance from many areas. People today can get assistance from staffing agencies. People can go online to get access to resources, or people can find help in several other ways and more information click here.

The help that people can receive today comes from many different sources. However, one of the main reasons why people are able to get help related to job assistance today compared to years ago has a lot to do with modern technology. The use of technology has changed the job market in many ways. Technology has allowed the Internet to become one of the most utilized resources in the world. People can find information on almost any topic on the Internet. In many cases, people can find help though videos and written text.

Also, there are online communities where people can go for assistance related to almost any area of the job hunt. For people who want personalized help regarding the job market, one of the best ways is going to a staffing agency that provides help to job seekers. In recent years, staffing agencies have become a very popular method that people can use to help find jobs and get jobs. Many jobs are now handled directly through staffing agencies and what John knows.

Diversant is a staffing agency that offers assistance to job seekers. Diversant helps job seekers in numerous ways. The staffing agency has a great reputation in the staffing market. Diversant is a staffing agency that does things a little different than many other staffing agencies. One of the things that Diversant does differently is that the agency specializes in helping people in the IT industry almost exclusively.

John Goullet is the main executive at Diversant. He has accomplished a great deal in the IT industry. John Goullet has successfully ran an IT company for over a decade before starting Diversant. He understands the way that the IT industry works regarding IT professionals and filling IT related jobs.

The experience that John Goullet has in the IT industry through his executive leadership and operating an IT company provides him with a perspective of the IT industry that is much different than most executives.

Different Ways To Upgrade Wardrobe With Fabletics

When people take an interest in upgrading their wardrobe, they are faced with challenges in the financial realm. For one thing, fashion costs a lot of money. Therefore, people have to plan their expenses carefully so that they will be able to not only upgrade their wardrobe successfully but also be able to keep a full wallet. Fortunately, there are a multitude of ways for people to upgrade their wardrobe with Fabletics while saving money. The first thing that they have to get out of the way is the membership fee. One good thing about the fee is that it helps people save money on items that would otherwise cost them hundreds of dollars.


The common thing that people think needs to be done when trying to upgrade their wardrobe is that they have to buy all of the clothes at once. While this is a nice goal, it is rather impractical. One of the more common and practical ways to do this is by buying a shirt or a pair of pants at a time. This not only updates wardrobes before one realizes, but it also gets people in a habit of buying clothes in a regular rotation.


With Fabletics, it is the same. However, the membership fee makes it easier to save money for people because they have access to some really great savings. To make things, people get a much better deal. Each month, they get a free outfit that is based on their preferences and purchasing habits. This is something that is worth looking into for people that have an interest in fashion and creating their own style.


Fabletics has proven itself to be the future of fashion. Given that it is a brand with in the TechStyle family that is focused on bringing forth changes in the fashion industry. Don Ressler, Kate Hudson and plenty of other people are very interested in being in front of the trends. Those who set trends are the ones that are going to have the best success in their lives. Fabletics is one of the trend setting companies in fashion.

The Impact on Higher Education by University of Maryland’s Enterprise

The non-profit enterprise is unparalleled, with a concept aimed at exposing the undergraduate students from Maryland to voluntary and non-profit endeavors. So far the initiative has achieved excellent results. Most of the students are appreciating that they get molded into competitiveness in administration, without the issue of profits necessary fueling them into that direction. The impact felt is expected to help raise a generation with sound administration skills.

Mission on Which the Program is Founded and how it Realizes Innovative Success

Their mission focuses around producing students who are motivated to give back, as well as to inspire the next cohort of non-profit leaders. Having been in existence for nearly seven years now, it has been successful in attracting students who are innately passionate about community service. Most interestingly, they have produced reliable leaders, one being Ben Simon of Food Recovery Network.

Bruce Levenson; Great Mind Behind Beneficial Initiatives

Bruce Levenson is the UCG chairman and a serial entrepreneur. According to, the former owner of the Atlanta Hawks was hired by bankers to sell the enterprise at the bargain that NBA could take. As well, Mr. Bruce and his wife Karen are the sharp minds behind the Do Good Program, and when they first took it to Maryland University; they also funded it with $75 million. Most of the students were excited about it, and the program has since gained immense traction. In all his dealings, Bruce Levenson maintains integrity, which has continually put him in the limelight and also built his reputation significantly.


The Do Good Initiative is irrefutably a well-conceived idea. Thankfully, the Maryland University students embraced it, and specific students are reaping benefits from the knowledge induced through the program. Mr. Levenson discloses that they are up to designing a template to be replicated by other schools, so as to make the ripple effect contagious.

How To Get Dental Care From MB2 Dental

What You Need To Know About Getting Dental Care From MB2 Dental

According to White Pages, if you would like to make sure the you are in good hands with any sort of dental care that you seek, MB2 Dental is a practice that can serve you. Dr. Reddy has been around for years offering the premiere oral health care in the industry, and because of this, you’ll be in good hands for any appointment that you have. Because no matter of oral health care is too big or too small, use these tips and get in touch with us today.

How can I do business with Dr. Reddy?

#1: Reach out for an informal consultation

Any time that you are going to receive an appointment from us, let it began with an informal consultation. It is during this consultation that you will meet the doctor and assistants, and will be able to take a tour of the facility.

By doing this, you will be able to ask any questions that you have and can get the ball rolling on receiving primary care dentistry. We would love to have you, so be sure to get in touch. Learn more about MB2 Dental:

#2: Let us know your insurance preferences

As with any medical care, insurance is incredibly important. We are very flexible and would love to hear from you. Let us know the insurance plan that you have and the preferences you would like to follow in terms of settling any balances. This way, you will be put into the system and can then enjoy high quality dental care.

#3: Book and stick to your appointments

Finally, you will get back what you put into caring for your oral health. Make sure that you visit MB2 Dental twice per year. This way, you will get the high quality dentistry that you need and will be able to keep your teeth and gums at their healthiest.

So if you follow these tips, you will be able to get in touch with us and begin receiving high quality dental care today. Our practice is great at what we do and would love to have you as our next patient.

All you need to do is follow these three steps and then you will be well on your way toward getting the high quality dental service that you need. If you have any other questions, do not hesitate to reach out to us.

The Sawyer Howitt Meriwether Group helps your business grow

Few people start a small business thinking it is going to be an easy task. Those who do think it is going to be an easy task have two options. They can either correct this view or go out of business. Even people who work hard to grow their small business are not always guaranteed success. The Sawyer Howitt Meriwether group understands this. They’ve been helping small businesses grow their brand for many years, and they share their small business expertise with everyone.

For more information on Sawyer Howitt and The Meriwether Group, click here.

The experts can help a proprietor decide on the best strategies for his own brand. They can even help them with licensing fees. All it takes is a phone call and a visit with the staff. These professionals take the time to sit down with their clients. Unlike many larger companies, they care their clients and take time to listen. Each staff member may use buzzwords, but they take the time to explain them.


Equities First Holdings, A Global Alternative Finance Provider

Equities First Holdings LLC is a leading global supplier of alternative lending solutions to sophisticated investors. The company is committed to delivering solutions that offer minimum risk to its clients while achieving maximum benefit. Equities First specializes in securities or stock-based lending options for clients of immense net worth in need of non-purpose financing.

It was founded in 2002 by Al Christy, Jr., a recognized expert in alternative funding solutions and strategic planning. The firm is headquartered in Indianapolis, Indiana, with the principal global offices in Bangkok, Hong Kong, London, Perth, Sydney and Singapore.

Equities First is founded on ethical conduct that promotes transparency and integrity in their manner of service delivery. This is done through the efficient top management comprising of veterans in the financial industry who are skilled in getting the most out of their accounting legal and trading professionals and read full article.

According to Al Christy, Jr., the firm has recently witnessed an increase in the demand for stock-based loans as opposed to conventional margin loans provided by banks. This is because economic conditions have forced banks to implement restrictions on the borrowing criteria, as well as increasing the interest rates.

He forwards that more investors are using stock as collateral because such loans offer lower interest rates, higher loan to value ratios, a faster turnaround time, as well as no restrictions or specifications on spending the money.

The biggest advantage of stock-based loans offered by Equities First is that the loans are based on the principle of non-recourse. This means that a borrower can abandon the stock loan at any period without any further commitments to the lender. This applies whether the stock’s value will appreciate or depreciate.

Equities First Holdings provides very fast, efficient and flexible access to alternative capital. Since its establishment, the firm boasts of more than 700 complete transactions valued at over $1.4 billion and contact it.

The firm avails to its customers appropriately tailored transactions that enable them to meet their financial objectives, whether personal or professional.

More visit:

Karl Heideck – An Integral Part Of The Litigation Field

Contact Karl Heideck for helpThe profession of a litigator is a highly respected one among the members of the legal world. The word ”litigation” is a legal term and it refers to the act of taking legal action through filing a report or filing a case in court for example. Most law students become litigators, especially law students in Brazil where Law is the most sought after major. To put it simply, in the court the litigator is the person in a suit who speak in favor of their client. The litigator is hired in order to win the case. The speak before a jury and a judge and use their wits and an in-depth and exhaustive knowledge of the law. The litigator also questions the witnesses that are asked to the courtroom.

Mr. Karl Heideck works as an attorney based in the Greater Philadelphia Area well-known for his talent in litigation. His specializations are in the fields of compliance practices as well as risk management. Mr Karl Heideck studied at the Swarthmore College with his major being English and Literature. After he had graduated, he moved on to the Tempe University Beasley School of Law. in 2009 he graduated with Juris Doctor.

Previously, Mr Karl Heideck was at the position of a Project Attorney at Pepper Hamilton LLP. He was a part of the firm for about four years before he joined Conrad O’Brien and assumed the position of an Associate for approximately one year. Mr Karl Heideck has been a Contract Attorney at the Hire Counsel for more than two years. The Hire Counsel is a legal firm that is based in Wilmington, Delaware. The company works with government agencies as well as other corporations. At his current position, Mr Karl Heideck is free to express his talent in the field of law.

Eric Pulier: The Man, the Myth & the Legend

Technology is all around us and it is the life line of todays society. Just about any and everything has advanced technology within it’s core. The industry is one of the most fascination, popular, and profitable industries on earth. Are you familiar with a guy named Eric Pulier? This guy has done so much good to better man-kind, but he remains a mystery to most of the population. Eric Puier personifies greatness on all levels thanks to his brilliant way of thinking. His ability to use technology to come up with solutions far exceeds just about anyone else in the field and he’s made a honorable name for himself in the process.

Eric Pulier started his first computer database company while in high school and he programmed his very first computer in the fourth grade. As a child he was always known for being creative especially when being compared to his peers. This creativity and passion would pay off big time in the following years as he earned a ticket to study at the prestigious Harvard University between 1984-1988. Not to forget, Pulier sharpened his tech skills at the prominent MIT as well. All of this was achieved before his professional career began and when it began, he took off like a space shuttle in flight.

Eric Pulier is a very successful, influential, wealthy and admired individual. He’s worked in numerous field such as education, technology, healthcare and government. He completed projects for former President Bill Clinton as well as former Vice President Al Gore. His weapon of choice is technology and he’s used this talent to better man-kind. Whether it was for bringing advanced technology into poor communities or if it was for building a prominent platform for chronically ill children, Pulier’s heart has always been in the right place. Though he’s not a household name, Eric Pulier has done more for us a s a people than just about any celebrity entertainer of present day and resume his.

Todd Lubar: A Successful Entrepreneur

Improvement in the Maryland real estate industry

The 2008 real estate crisis affected the country a lot. This led to some states putting in place certain regulations to curb the devastating effects of the crisis. In Maryland, consumer-friendly real estate rules were put in place, and this reduced the pace of yearly bank foreclosures.

The state has since been showing signs of improvement and growth in the real estate industry. Bank-arbitrated sales in April 2016 indicated a seven percent decline as compared to the previous year. Also, the median price of homes in Baltimore and the five counties surrounding it; has increased by six percent.

Todd Lubar’s work history

Todd Lubar‘s passion for the real estate industry comes from a desire to help people, and he is also fascinated by how the industry works. After graduating with a bachelor’s degree in speech communication from the Syracuse University, Todd was employed at the Crestar Mortgage Corporation. He worked there as a loan originator.

Todd says he gained invaluable experience at Crestar Mortgage. He also became a specialist in traditional mortgage banking. Todd formed friendships with a lot of people who now make up a huge part of his referral base. These include real estate agents, CPAs, financial planners and insurance agents.

Legacy Financial Group

In 1999, Todd moved to Legacy Financial Group which is based in Arlington, Texas. Here, Todd broadened his lending knowledge at the company. He had the ability to broker loans to outside investors and also lend in a similar fashion as a mortgage bank.

Legendary Properties, LLC

Lubar created a residential development company in 2002 known as Legendary Properties, LLC. When he opened the enterprise, he took the time to build friendships with folk in the building process hence ensuring that the company would produce high-quality products quickly. The main activities of the firm were to buy properties, rehabilitate them, and finally sell them to consumers at a profit.

Charter Funding

Todd’s next idea was to open Charter Funding. This was a subsidiary of the First Magnus Financial Corporation. Todd grew his business more after creating this branch.

Follow Todd on Twitter. Check out his personal website