Eric Pulier: The Man, the Myth & the Legend

Technology is all around us and it is the life line of todays society. Just about any and everything has advanced technology within it’s core. The industry is one of the most fascination, popular, and profitable industries on earth. Are you familiar with a guy named Eric Pulier? This guy has done so much good to better man-kind, but he remains a mystery to most of the population. Eric Puier personifies greatness on all levels thanks to his brilliant way of thinking. His ability to use technology to come up with solutions far exceeds just about anyone else in the field and he’s made a honorable name for himself in the process.

Eric Pulier started his first computer database company while in high school and he programmed his very first computer in the fourth grade. As a child he was always known for being creative especially when being compared to his peers. This creativity and passion would pay off big time in the following years as he earned a ticket to study at the prestigious Harvard University between 1984-1988. Not to forget, Pulier sharpened his tech skills at the prominent MIT as well. All of this was achieved before his professional career began and when it began, he took off like a space shuttle in flight.

Eric Pulier is a very successful, influential, wealthy and admired individual. He’s worked in numerous field such as education, technology, healthcare and government. He completed projects for former President Bill Clinton as well as former Vice President Al Gore. His weapon of choice is technology and he’s used this talent to better man-kind. Whether it was for bringing advanced technology into poor communities or if it was for building a prominent platform for chronically ill children, Pulier’s heart has always been in the right place. Though he’s not a household name, Eric Pulier has done more for us a s a people than just about any celebrity entertainer of present day and resume his.