Equities First Holdings, A Global Alternative Finance Provider

Equities First Holdings LLC is a leading global supplier of alternative lending solutions to sophisticated investors. The company is committed to delivering solutions that offer minimum risk to its clients while achieving maximum benefit. Equities First specializes in securities or stock-based lending options for clients of immense net worth in need of non-purpose financing.

It was founded in 2002 by Al Christy, Jr., a recognized expert in alternative funding solutions and strategic planning. The firm is headquartered in Indianapolis, Indiana, with the principal global offices in Bangkok, Hong Kong, London, Perth, Sydney and Singapore.

Equities First is founded on ethical conduct that promotes transparency and integrity in their manner of service delivery. This is done through the efficient top management comprising of veterans in the financial industry who are skilled in getting the most out of their accounting legal and trading professionals and read full article.

According to Al Christy, Jr., the firm has recently witnessed an increase in the demand for stock-based loans as opposed to conventional margin loans provided by banks. This is because economic conditions have forced banks to implement restrictions on the borrowing criteria, as well as increasing the interest rates.

He forwards that more investors are using stock as collateral because such loans offer lower interest rates, higher loan to value ratios, a faster turnaround time, as well as no restrictions or specifications on spending the money.

The biggest advantage of stock-based loans offered by Equities First is that the loans are based on the principle of non-recourse. This means that a borrower can abandon the stock loan at any period without any further commitments to the lender. This applies whether the stock’s value will appreciate or depreciate.

Equities First Holdings provides very fast, efficient and flexible access to alternative capital. Since its establishment, the firm boasts of more than 700 complete transactions valued at over $1.4 billion and contact it.

The firm avails to its customers appropriately tailored transactions that enable them to meet their financial objectives, whether personal or professional.

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