Todd Lubar: A Successful Entrepreneur

Improvement in the Maryland real estate industry

The 2008 real estate crisis affected the country a lot. This led to some states putting in place certain regulations to curb the devastating effects of the crisis. In Maryland, consumer-friendly real estate rules were put in place, and this reduced the pace of yearly bank foreclosures.

The state has since been showing signs of improvement and growth in the real estate industry. Bank-arbitrated sales in April 2016 indicated a seven percent decline as compared to the previous year. Also, the median price of homes in Baltimore and the five counties surrounding it; has increased by six percent.

Todd Lubar’s work history

Todd Lubar‘s passion for the real estate industry comes from a desire to help people, and he is also fascinated by how the industry works. After graduating with a bachelor’s degree in speech communication from the Syracuse University, Todd was employed at the Crestar Mortgage Corporation. He worked there as a loan originator.

Todd says he gained invaluable experience at Crestar Mortgage. He also became a specialist in traditional mortgage banking. Todd formed friendships with a lot of people who now make up a huge part of his referral base. These include real estate agents, CPAs, financial planners and insurance agents.

Legacy Financial Group

In 1999, Todd moved to Legacy Financial Group which is based in Arlington, Texas. Here, Todd broadened his lending knowledge at the company. He had the ability to broker loans to outside investors and also lend in a similar fashion as a mortgage bank.

Legendary Properties, LLC

Lubar created a residential development company in 2002 known as Legendary Properties, LLC. When he opened the enterprise, he took the time to build friendships with folk in the building process hence ensuring that the company would produce high-quality products quickly. The main activities of the firm were to buy properties, rehabilitate them, and finally sell them to consumers at a profit.

Charter Funding

Todd’s next idea was to open Charter Funding. This was a subsidiary of the First Magnus Financial Corporation. Todd grew his business more after creating this branch.

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