Talk Fusion’s Game Changing Software Update

Bob Reina has decided to take Talk Fusion to a whole new level by adding WebRTC technology to it’s popular software. With the improved edition of Live Meeting’s customers are able to conduct video-based conferences easily and send one-way videos to colleges within a matter of minutes. Learn more about Bob Reina: and Live Meeting’s can support up to five hundred […]

How Human Rights Organizations Are Helping To Secure The Well Being Of All People In The Society

Charitable institutions are essential in a society as they always have a positive impact on people. Such organizations usually play an instrumental role in ensuring that the rights of the minority are protected. Learn more about Lacey and Larkin: and While there exist numerous philanthropic organizations in the world that are geared towards providing support to people irrespective […]

Roberto Santiago: The Brazilian Shopping Mall Investor

Roberto Santiago is a Brazilian entrepreneur born in 1958, in Joao Pessoa. Roberto schooled at Pio X-Marist College and later he earned a Business Administration degree from University Center of Joao Pessoa. The businessman owns a top modern complex known as Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping Mall which is situated in Joao Pessoa, in the state of Paraiba. Mr. Santiago bought […]

Equities First Holdings, A Global Alternative Finance Provider

Equities First Holdings LLC is a leading global supplier of alternative lending solutions to sophisticated investors. The company is committed to delivering solutions that offer minimum risk to its clients while achieving maximum benefit. Equities First specializes in securities or stock-based lending options for clients of immense net worth in need of non-purpose financing. It was founded in 2002 by […]