Securus Technologies provides Great Communication Solutions in the Correctional Facilities

Securus is a technology solution provider given that it allows the inmates to communicate with their family and friends in a safe manner. The headquarter of Securus is in Dallas, Texas and serves about 1.2 million inmates in North America, about 3450 public safety, correction and law enforcement agencies. Additionally, they offer emergency services when the need arises in terms of public information, investigation, biometric analysis, incident management, monitoring products, inmate self-service in pursuit of a quality life for all the people including the inmates. For me, that is incredible, offering the inmates an opportunity to feel safe, valued and cared for despite the less freedom.


It is amazing how the company keeps improving the quality of services offered by adopting new technologies as soon as they are in the market. In 2007, the company was just a brand leader in the correction facilities in offender management system. However, by 2016, the company has introduced a new system that would be effective in controlling contraband cell phones. This year, Securus Technologies has upgraded to provide wireless containment solution that denies the contraband cell phones from connecting with mobile phones. Improved technology without compromise of quality and safety is something remarkable. Also, the rates for the audio and video calls by the inmates are affordable given that rates are all-inclusive.


Customers Review on this Technology


Customers are thrilled by these rates especially after understanding it also incorporates security charges and other expenses. The clients are also happy given that the prices of products are not fixed but negotiable and ones that the correctional facilities can discuss. Also, there are various products to suit the needs of different clients. For the long term inmates, monthly options are preferred but for shorter term ones one-time payments are available at affordable charges. This is a great technology that impacts the society positively.


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